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Marketing your business on major search engines can be extremely complex, seeing that search success is greatly dependent on your business’ social media presence and your business’ website’s external links. With the latest Google update that emphasizes how well a website is performing in terms of its social media presence, publishing high quality web content is no longer enough. This is where optimizing your digital assets through Facebook application development with the help of one of the best web and Facebook application development companies becomes extremely important.

As mentioned above, high quality web content and relevant external links are no longer enough to rank high in major search engine results pages, especially top search engines like Google. Even if you regularly update your website’s content with fresh and original information, you can no longer expect it to fare well in terms of authority and popularity. Regardless of how useful and pertinent your content may be, if no one is reading your site’s content your rankings will remain low. This is why you should consider enlisting the services of a leading application development firm.

With the latest Google update, the number of likes and shares on social media networking sites, such as Facebook, are now considered to be major determining factors in a website’s popularity and authority. The fewer likes and shares a Facebook page has, the lower its website’s popularity and authority rating. As a result, these websites are pushed down to the bottom of search engine results pages. One way to improve these aspects is to have an app developed that consumers will find interesting, useful, relevant and enjoyable to use.

The use of mobile and Facebook apps is rapidly increasing. In the year 2012 alone, the total number of mobile app downloads reached more than 45.6 billion, with Google Play and the Apple App Store offering more than 1.5 million downloadable apps. Many of these apps are intertwined with Facebook, which is the world’s leading social media networking site as of today.

By working with one of the leading mobile and Facebook application development companies today, you can improve the overall reputation of your business, as well as your business’ website through the creation of a great app. A well-developed app is one that consumers will be interested to use, relevant to users, and considered by users to be an important part of their daily lives. The professional developers that these companies employ are highly capable of creating apps that have all of these qualities.

As long as you work with a leading Facebook application development firm, such as ConvoSpark, you can rest assure that the app will boost your site’s popularity and authority. For more information about Facebook application development, visit the company online now at convospark.com.

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